Hi, My name is Veronica Bedford, and I’ve always been able to see and feel things before they happened. As a student in High School, I would connect people together when I saw their energies blending. At the time, I thought everyone was able to do this, because it came so naturally to me. In 1990, I decided to study the art of Tarot Card reading. This opened up a whole new world for me, giving me better details as to what I was seeing and feeling. As I started sharing my talents more and more, I felt it was time for me to incorporate. In May of 1999 Angel Workshop was born! My goal is to help as many people as I can with everyday issues, hopefully, making their lives a little easier to manage. We, along with our Master Guides, wrote the “book” of our life. We all have free will to make decisions on how we are going to learn our lessons. Each time a lesson is learned, we go on to the next chapter experiencing all new challenges, joys, and sorrows. I believe we can handle anything that comes our way, with the help of God and the protection of all His Angels. I would love to share my gifts with you!